The platform

Law firm catalogue

A first of its kind consolidated catalogue of law firms with live reputation rating, enabling the client to explore the market and engage with law firms based on their professional profile and reputation, as well as the capabilities and problem fit.

Advanced query builder

Developed by our legal engineers, our expert-knowledge based query builder helps the client to compose a comprehensive, well-structured request for proposal, enabling law firms to provide more accurate offers, faster.

Personal account

A secure personal account, which allows clients and law firms to manage their requests for proposals, submit and review offers, as well as keep all order-related documentation and communications in one place.

Online tender procedure

Our unique approach to the online selection procedure allows the client to receive, and a law firm to offer, the best proposals based not only on price, but also on the term, experience and a number of other parameters.


Leading-edge procurement process

Based on our extensive experience in the legal service procurement process, we have created a unique platform which helps answering the questions of «How to find law firms in a region?» and «Who to choose?»

Best of digital technology

Our simple and convenient toolset helps composing a comprehensive request for legal service and obtain best offers from a number of law firms, whilst clear selection criteria help choose the right firm as the contractor.

Full transparency

The platfrom provides a single information and communication environment between the client and participating law firms, creating full transparency in the tender process. Participants can discuss requests in the chat and submit offers online.

Information at your fingertips

We have created a new unified ranking of law firms, LAWCOSTER, based on an elaborate analytical algorithm accounting for a number of criteria to produce a weighed and fair assessment of the law firms' capabilities.


Saving budget

Significant economy of the expenses on legal services due to the tender selection process

Saving time

Prompt and convenient selection of a consultant firm or a qualified specialist

Informed decisions

Maximum information in one place to make informed decisions

Cost free

Participation in the tender process is free for both the client and law firms

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