Find a legal service provider

This service helps finding a qualified law firm promptly anywhere around the world, and procure the required legal services in accordance with your requirements and on a fair price.

Key features


Find qualified legal help anywhere around the world


You define the parameters of the contract with the law firm


Tender process tailored for the procurement of legal services


Comparative analysis of offers using a combination of parameters

How it works

1. You create an order

Our query builder helps you create a well structured, comprehensive request for proposal with minimal effort and in a short time. You get the most extensive catalogue of law firm rankings to select candidates from.

2. Candidate firms quote their offers

The firms you select are invited to participate in the tender and quote their best offers. LawCoster platform creates a single information and communication space for your order and ensures the transparency of the tender process.

3. You make an informed choice

You get a detailed report with the breakdown of final offers, so you can make an informed choice based on your selection criteria.


Saving time
and budget

Saving time and resources whilst selecting the best law firm for the job


A turnkey solution to your problem for the best price


When it comes to highly specialised or complex legal questions


Participation in the tender process is free for both the client and law firms

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